I Help You To Succeed In This Online Field And Give You Best Knowledge From My Experience Which May Helps You To Make Passive Income.

Hey there,
I’m Pooja Sahu. Currently pursuing first year bachelor of commerce from Mumbai university.

So basically it is my education qualifications…
Apart from this I’m the owner and founder of Googlebirdie.com, Web Designer, Affiliate Marketer, Digital Marketer, Google Verified Person an IT Entrepreneur and also own a Online Startup nd I’m a 20 year old.

Now I will Tell Why I started This blog

I started this blog to help newbies to get best knowledge and strategies of blogging and SEO.

Now, I will share my story how I started this blog?

So, let’s go back 1 year ago in 2019. I joined Digital Marketing Company that CIPL (Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd). They provide Domain And hosting at Cheap price.

I started Blogging in 2019, but don’t know how to do it. Then, i started to watch video and blogs on Google.

Then I write 6 article on festival and essay, but i can’t make money from that but I not demotivate. I’m trying and started to focus on SEO because it’s very important for a blogger.

And then,

I know about Affiliate Marketing. So, I’m thinking that for Affiliate Marketing we have to create a seperate blog. After that I research on it and then I shocked that Affiliate Marketing is alternative for blogger.

And I joined many affiliate program, but still I can’t make from that because of very less traffic on my site.

So, I was writing my blogs on events likes Festival, season and essay. I was thinking that most of people searches on festival and essay but i can’t make my site rank on first page.

So after that I decided to leave blogging and started to focusing on Digital Marketing.

After two months on December, i given my website to my brother to handle my website. He’s just 12 years old. 


He is handling my blogs, designing and affiliate programs.

After that,

He also started writing articles on events same niche, then I told him that don’t write same on events.

I explained him that Don’t write blog which you’re not interested, write on that niche where you’re passionate and interested.

So, he realized exact meaning of blogging that we have to share our knowledge through our experience or we have knowledge for that passionate niche.

So, he deleted my previous blogs and decided to start blogs on Blogging Tips & SEO Strategies. So, he started doing hard work and doing he’s best for this blogs. 

So, we need your support. Please support us  by sharing my blogs. 

I hope my contents helps you to succeed in this blogging fields.

Thank You!

Have a nice day.

—Wish You Success—